the trouble with fries

According to a recent study involving some eighty thousand women, for every five-per-cent increase in the amount of saturated fats that a woman consumes, her risk of heart disease increases by seventeen per cent. But only a two-per-cent increase in trans fats will increase her heart-disease risk by ninety-three per cent. Walter Willett, an epidemiologist at Harvard--who helped design the study--estimates that the consumption of trans fats in the United States probably causes about thirty thousand premature deaths a year.

the urban archipelago

the urban archipelago from the stranger

blue islands, red seas from AlterNet


bikes against bush

chalk-printing wireless bike makes a statement. you have to see the video for yourself.



instant runoff voting

initiative 318 will instruct the washington state legislature to enact instant runoff voting in the 2005 legislative session. instant runoff voting allows you to vote for your favorite candidate without worrying about throwing your vote away.

it sounds complicated but it's not. imagine you get 3 picks for president. suppse you pick ralph nader, david cobb and john kerry in that order. you're essentially saying "i want to vote for ralph nader. if he doesn't win, i want my vote to go to david cobb. if cobb doesn't win then my vote should go to john kerry". it's that simple!

here's a flash demo that explains how it works and another site with some mock polls you can try out.

for more info or to get involved go to http://www.irvwa.org/


america the purple

this map is a lot less depressing than the state-by-state versions you see in the mainstream media.


Here's a version of the map that shows populous counties as little bumps.