"The Party needs to shake itself loose from top-down management, undergo a grassroots renewal and adopt a vigorous, positive agenda that flows from the priorities, views and values of citizens who involve themselves in that process. ... Our party needs to frame its priorities more in terms of what we're for rather than what we are against."

governor john ashcroft, 1992
sound familiar? clinton had just been elected and the democrats controlled both houses. things were looking bleak for the republicans and people were making the same kinds of doom & gloom predictions about the party's future that we're hearing about democrats today. then only 2 years later republicans swept both houses with the contract with america.

read this article on alternet.org by arianna huffington for more.


stu said...

yeah the dems are getting way too doom and gloom now.

the pendulum always swings back..

3:14 PM  
ken said...

the further it swings to the right the further it will swing back!

10:13 AM  

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