contrast masking 

i recently read an article called understanding contrast masking from the luminous landscape. if you haven't been there it's one of the best sites on the web for explaining digital photography and image processing techniques.

anyway, i dug out an image from our recent trip to mexico and decided to give it a try. the results could clearly be better with a little tweaking, but i love this trick already.




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it's may and to me that means one thing: asparagus! well maybe not just that but i can't wait for the price to start coming down as the crop comes in.

if you're in the northwest and you want to know what's in season check out puget sound fresh. puget sound fresh is a program run by king county to promote locally grown foods. they have a calendar that shows what's in season so you know what to look for when you're at the market.

the list of produce fresh locally in may includes: artichokes, chinese vegetables, greens, lettuce, potatoes, radishes, spinach, chives, rhubarb

buy local produce!


i took this picture of the moon on monday with my friend wade. i've been wanting to get a shot like this for a long time but never had access to a telescope. wade has a nice scope (10" meade lx200 gps) and a t-adapter that fits my d100. thanks wade!

cook's thesaurus 

check out the cook's thesaurus

this site is awesome though it's more like an encyclopedia than a thesaurus. if you're trying to find out what some strange ingredient is, or what you could use to substitute for it this is the place. i love browsing through it and looking for fruits i've never heard of. maybe i'll be the next fruit detective


anyone have any idea how i can find this album?

"the second dream of the high-tension line stepdown transformer from the four dreams of china"
by la monte young


520 bridge 

i caught the 520 bridge open!

i heard on kexp that it was opening so i drove to the park on 15th (which doesn't really have that great of a view as it turns out). still, i now have pictures.


Chuck D, Janeane Garofalo and Al Franken take on Rush Limbaugh starting Wednesday! They're only on the air in Chicago, New York and LA but you can listen online here: